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Raku bowl with lid

Large Raku bowl with Lid


Large Raku Vase

Large raku vase

Large Raku Vase with Handles


Raku Firing Technique


Raku is a Japanese firing technique that is part of a historical and cultural tradition.  The Japanese tea masters prized Raku bowls because they were unpretentious, aesthetically pleasing and embodied the ideals of Zen Buddhism. Thus, the process became rooted in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.  A few American potters brought the technique back to the states and transformed it. They added a new element by introducing of a post-firing reduction. The ware is submerged in organic material resulting in metallic and smoke effects upon the glaze. The final pieces are fragile, decorative and not waterproof, therefore cannot be used for serving food - they are pure art. Notice the unique texture and color of each piece.