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  • MA   Fine Arts,   Hunter College,  NYC.  1972 
  • BA   Fine Arts,   Hunter College,  NYC.  1969


Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT 
Clay and Sculpture Instructor. P/T 2007-Present 
Teaching 8th-12th plus AP Ceramics & Sculpture 

Pittsfield  Public Schools, Pittsfield, Massachusetts 
Art Instructor.  Pittsfield High School 1982-2006 
Developed and taught programs in studio art: 

  • Painting & Drawing, Ceramics & Sculpture, Advanced 
  • Placement Art and Graphics. 

Interim Art Coordinator – Unit Leader 1992-1994 
Reviewed prospective art teachers and evaluated itinerant art instructors.  

Set up staff development and enrichment programs plus compiled annual art supply bid list. 

Art & Industrial Arts Teacher. Morningside Community 
School 1976-1981 
Designed, implemented and taught an art/industrial arts program to grades K-6th, plus Special Ed classes.

National Council of Churches, NYC 1965-1976
Business Manager. Immigration & Refugee Program 
Administered office accounts in accordance with government contracts.  Resolved all personnel problems related to the Refugee Program.


Clay Studio Manager/Clay Instructor, Arts Center for the Capital Region, Troy NY P/T 1997-2006 
Maintained studio space, supervised firings, clay mixing and glaze making.  Taught clay classes – Hudson Valley 

Community College. 
Adult Education Teacher, Pittsfield Schools P/T 1978-1991 
Taught Drawing & Painting and Woodworking


My high-fire stoneware vessels are functional and sculptural with an emphasis on surface texture and graceful forms. Each vessel is imbued with a rhythm and pattern that echoes the randomness and order found in nature.  The forms are classical while the tactical surfaces invite the viewer to touch and embrace each piece. Sometimes, I add smooth surfaces to temper the action, which brings contrast to the work.  Each piece is completed using a variety of glaze and firing techniques. They appeal aesthetically to your senses and are also used to grace your table for a meal.


Nicholas Lepore is a New England ceramic artist with a master's degree in fine art and has taught ceramics and sculpture to high school and college students for twenty-five years. The winner of a number of travel grants has allowed him to research ceramics abroad and study at various ceramic art centers throughout the United States. He presently lives in North Stamford, Connecticut, where he has his studio and Rippowam Gallery.

 His high fire stoneware and porcelain vessels have been exhibited in local and regional juried art shows and are presently represented in various galleries throughout the country. 

Nicholas' art is functional, sculptural and decorative with the focus on texture, movement and balance. He concentrates on large vessels, wall hangings and tiles, along with functional ware. The forms are classical and the tactile surfaces articulate elements and patterns in nature, which offer the viewer an invitation to touch and embrace each piece. Nicholas continues to refine his signature use of textures along with the application of a mixed palette of formal and abstract glaze finishes.

My Story

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